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Properties of Gems

Properties of gems

As stated, it is customary to attribute various features gems, here are some examples.

• Emerald - a beautiful stone, appearing in various shades of green.

Emeralds linked to love and relationships, and is considered a purifier and balances. The breastplate stones is attributed to the tribe of Levi. As birth stone, emerald attributed in May.

• Ruby - also called a ruby ​​red color when what is. Ruby linked to fertility and childbirth, the ability to negotiate successfully, and the ability to overcome the pain. Among the stones of the breastplate, ruby ​​symbolized the tribe of Reuben, and the calendar of birth stones, ruby ​​is associated July.
• Sapphire - symbolizes creativity, wisdom and clarity of thought, represented the tribe of Issachar. Calendar of birth stones sapphire belongs in September. The sapphire can be found in blue, green, yellow and black, sapphire blue attribute the ability to ward off envy and reconcile enemies

Amethyst - Amethyst purple hue, transparent or white, and is one of the stones being attributed to amethyst stones between the breastplate representing the tribe of Gad. Amethyst is considered as a relaxing, can help sleep. As a privileged Amethyst birth stone for February.
• Blue Topaz - topaz appears in different shades, and the blue topaz is most familiar. Probably a rock rap, representing the tribe of Shimon, is topaz. Topaz attach properties of prosperity, optimism and liberation afraid. Calendar of birth stones topaz is attributed to November.
• Smoke topaz - brown gemstone, topaz is actually flushed quartz stone, despite many years was regarded as a brooch. Considered as a balancing, soothing and purifying.
• Citrine - yellow stone, considered as a plenty, and reinforces self-confidence. Table citrine stone blocks associated with the birth in November.
• Grant - appearing in various shades of red, orange and green. Calendar blocks associated with the birth in January. Associated with garnet, which is affiliated with the tribe of Judah. Considered as contributing to the prosperity and success, and the encouragement of tolerance.

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